A Father’s Imprint

Fathers, you are the COMPASS or the CURSE of the family. You’re not suppose to provoke your children to anger, but lead them in discipline and divine instructions. You should raise your children in fairness not pick sides. You should raise your children in consistency with firmness; not to exclude tenderness. Never be the culprit of strife. Never give lectures out of order or in anger because a rebellious teenager will despise you; thus timing and wisdom is vital.

Understand fathers, that you should give correct guidance to your children according to Ephesians 6:4 so that the child finds their sexual identity without struggle or confusion (boys with masculinity & girls with femininity). You’re suppose to provide, protect, and be the head of the family (meaning that it requires you to work on self & improve in wisdom). It’s definitely NOT about being passive, lazy or rebellious for these are a disservice to the household.

In conclusion, you must be the one to lead in raising your children in Christ following the guidance of The Holy Spirit. #RiseUpDad