Ministry Vision Statement

Alonso Ministries, a Not-For-Profit Organization, is called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the beliefs of the Christian faith worldwide.  We desire the fullness of His Spirit in everyone’s life!  Because of our dedication, compassion and our Christian responsibility to “love one another”, we are committed to the mission of opening a Community Outreach Facility Center for:

  • Weekly Bible Studies
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Parent and Teen Guidance
  • Gay and Lesbian Counseling                                
  • Teen Pregnancy Guidance
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Health & Fitness Awareness 
  • Weekly Midnight Basketball Program for Youth 

We believe our lives find meaning and fulfilling purpose when we become part of something “bigger than ourselves”.  Right now, our ministry is in its humble beginnings and in the midst of a campaign to raise much needed financial support for our radio program.  We strongly believe that this will open many doors that will facilitate the development of our Community Outreach Facility Center.

I have served as a minister promoting Christian views on various issues such as health and nutrition, marriage, singles increasing their odds of being found, teen parenting and breaking unhealthy soul ties.  I have also had the privilege of giving spiritual inspirational sermons that improve our mindset and our walk with God.  Tax-deductible donations are one way of raising funds; however, as an evangelist and inspirational speaker, it would also be my privilege to minister or speak to your congregation or corporation.  As the Body of Christ, I look forward to working together in unity for His Kingdom!  I pray that you remain blessed & encouraged!