Affairs & Infidelity

AFFAIRS don’t start in bedrooms; they start with conversations. If you are MARRIED…you have no business having breakfast/lunch/dinner alone with opposite sex friends. If you’re SINGLE…you need to put boundaries with married people wanting to go out with you because the enemy can use this as a TRAP were you become the Mistress/Lover. God HATES adultery and He hates when you’re messing with His institution (Marriage). The blessing you are desiring WILL surely be delayed and possibly denied if you don’t BREAK IT OFF like NOW. Besides, do you “really” think God will bless your marriage (if they would leave)? Resist with some suffering and embrace His truth that shall set you free.

The toxic, tainted-love and emotional roller-coaster ride is not worth it. Woman of God, no man can effectively truly love two women at the same time, but can equally hurt and ruin two women’s lives. Make the decision that if he’s in between relationships that you’re not going to be the one he uses to fill in the gap. Single Ladies do NOT COMPROMISE yourselves secretly for a married man (SEX) and then bringing your “church face” to Sunday mornings while he rests his head on his wife’s lap and spends time with his family. Holidays come and go and he’s still with her not you. Stop settling! Let go and trust God for a REAL LOVE relationship that’s heaven sent and aligned to your divine destiny. I don’t care how much you “supposingly” love him…KILL IT (the relationship not him)!!! Cheating is a CHOICE! Being a MISTRESS is a CHOICE! If you KNOW someone is already taken RESPECT their Relationship! #RiseUpOutreach #PastorHeryAlonso