Allow God’s Redirection

God is smarter than we are…that’s why I personally am cool with Him ordering my steps as I daily surrender to His Greatness taking me wherever. It is prideful to attempt to force things into something that simply does not fit well. As the Bible says, there is a way that “seems” right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. I want to always be in His will at whatever cost even if my flesh may have caused me to start wrong. Never be afraid to turn around and START OVER! Turning around is not giving up, but shifting.

Every Christ follower goes through a season of reduction; a time when God “reduces” us, prunes us, and reminds us once again that we are not what we do, we’re someone He loves. Quite often grief, disappointment, and disillusionment accompany us into this season, but know they won’t stay with us permanently. Eventually, the sharp pruned edges stop hurting and they actually heal. Our hearts start to beat again. Our souls start to thrive again. Father God knows what He’s doing. If you’re feeling reduced and overwhelmed…don’t panic and don’t wonder about your worth (you’re worth everything to Him). Just remind your soul that God is with you during this season of redirecting. He’s doing a deep work in you and you will experience more wholeness, fulfillment, and show more fruit that you never imagined possible. The devil wants you to pay attention to your feelings, but JESUS wants you to pay attention to His truth and to His way. Therefore, stay focus and allow God to redirect your path into all that He’s got for your divine destiny! #RiseUpOutreach