Be Ye Separate is not a suggestion

God’s recipe for a VICTORIOUS LIFE never included “mixing or commingling” with worldly ingredients. In fact the Bible says, “loving the worldly system makes you an enemy of God” (James 4:4). OBEDIENCE is the recipe for BLESSINGS (John 13:17) and it proves our love for God (1John 5:2). People talk a lot of “blah-blah-blah”, but the proof is in the pudding when we demonstrate our faithfulness to Him.

Love the lost enough to warn them that if they continue in their behavior (deliberate sinful lifestyle), they risk falling into “the flames of hell.” The Bible is full of warnings (drifting without repentance) and encouraging REPENTANCE not RECURRENCES of sin (despite our fallen & flesh nature). Believers are not to be passive and support sin, but we are called to warn, to challenge, to alert, and to rebuke when necessary. This is not because we HATE THEM, but because we LOVE THEM! Failure to warn and instruct them of the great danger ahead is a failure to love right. At our RiseUp Outreach Christian Church in South Florida (Christian Churches, Kendall / Christian Churches, Dade County / Christian Churches, Miami) we are committed to helping the believer not to stay the same with how they entered our doors. We encourage and challenge them to rise higher which then brings a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Spiritual growth with a BALANCED life brings inner fulfillment.

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with wanting a pleasurable life as God gives us good gifts (1Timothy 6:6-10) He wants us to enjoy, but having friendship with the world involves seeking pleasures outside the will of God. These pleasures keep us from pleasing God & putting Him first. Let me make something perfectly clear, “God’s not talking about HAVING the things of this world. He’s talking about LOVING the things of this world that disconnect you from Him” (1John 2:15). Therefore, a WARNING is a morally important part of expressing love with our family and friends. A careless soul refuses to warn no matter how much external love they show because they are “missing out” on the BIGGER risky picture by not saying what needs to be said. Child of God I encourage you to live for JESUS and not for the approval of people which will leave you spent and empty. #Time2RiseUp