A Father’s Imprint

Fathers, you are the COMPASS or the CURSE of the family. You’re not suppose to provoke your children to anger, but lead them in discipline and divine instructions. You should raise your children in fairness not pick sides. You should raise your children in consistency with firmness; not to exclude tenderness. Never be the culprit of strife. Never give lectures … Read More

Don’t Follow The Herd

Following the “HERD” may be the most popular choice, but many times is not the BEST choice. I am that guy going to the left; where as a youth I questioned myself wondering why I was so different. It’s the NARROW path that leads to LIFE for the WIDE & “POPULAR” leads to DESTRUCTION. If you are lost & not … Read More

Unequally Yoked Relationships

They may be good TO you, but in the “long-run” they will NOT be good FOR you. A journey with JESUS (Kingdom/Relationship) which leads to transformation is not synonymous with a religion-base mind (Works/Rituals) which leave you in an unchanging comfort zone. Furthermore, walking in “different divine purposes” may result in a gradual declining distance down the road because it’s … Read More

Relationships in 2019

There are times when we lean on God concerning our relationships (friendships, family, ministerial or romantic) and ask Him to make things better, but are we prepared to handle HIS response? We need to realize that sometimes in order for things to get BETTER…it might call for you to WALK AWAY to finally discover that YOU deserve better. Understand that … Read More

Allow God’s Redirection

God is smarter than we are…that’s why I personally am cool with Him ordering my steps as I daily surrender to His Greatness taking me wherever. It is prideful to attempt to force things into something that simply does not fit well. As the Bible says, there is a way that “seems” right to a man, but in the end … Read More

Time is Precious

Don’t worry when people say things about you…TIME is too precious. Don’t lose sleep when people give you the cold treatment…TIME is too precious. Don’t focus on the minors because it’s usually petty…TIME is too precious. Learn to “drop it” when it comes to arguments and quarrels with your family…TIME is too precious. Time has a wonderful way of showing … Read More

Goodbye vs Lifetime

It’s unrealistic to think that every FRIEND you presently have will become a lifetime friend; though that may be our desire. Stuff happens, misunderstandings occur, and sometimes God simply allows things to materialize so you will “move on” to other people who are aligned closer to your destiny; who will help you RiseUp from your comfort zone so you can … Read More

Affairs & Infidelity

AFFAIRS don’t start in bedrooms; they start with conversations. If you are MARRIED…you have no business having breakfast/lunch/dinner alone with opposite sex friends. If you’re SINGLE…you need to put boundaries with married people wanting to go out with you because the enemy can use this as a TRAP were you become the Mistress/Lover. God HATES adultery and He hates when … Read More

Woman of God

WOMAN OF GOD it is admirable to see you pushing yourself rather than desiring to stay in your comfort zone. You have your challenges like all the others, but you don’t fret over the “no big deal small stuff” that causes many to live all tight and flustered. You are focused in what really matters and that makes you to … Read More

Our Calling (Purpose)

You cannot fail when you STAY within the perimeter of your calling or divine assignment. Don’t worry about who you think should or will promote you because at the root of it all…it’s God Almighty who exalts and promotes (Psalm 75:6-7). He opens the RIGHT doors, but He uses people to turn the knobs for you to go in. I … Read More