Should Christians Drink or Not Drink?
To answer this question we will omit personal CONVICTIONS & OPINIONS because we should know by now that what the Instruction Manual (Bible) says it's FINAL. In the Gospel of John 2 we read a story of JESUS converting water into wine which is a GOOD thing (saving the best for last). We read in Eccles...
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Truth Talk
Stop talking about sin, our job is just to love people. Lately I've heard some people say, "Stop talking about sin, our job is just to love people." While that may sound all lovely & kind, it makes absolutely no sense; plus it has no Biblical foundation. If you LOVE PEOPLE you tell them the trut...
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A Father’s Imprint
Fathers, you are the COMPASS or the CURSE of the family. You’re not suppose to provoke your children to anger, but lead them in discipline and divine instructions. You should raise your children in fairness not pick sides. You should raise your children in consistency with firmness; not to exclude...
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Comfort Zone Breakthrough
You may love your comfort, but God prefers your faith. You may love predictability, but God invites us on an adventure. You may want relief, but God wants redemption. You may want what’s fair, but God wants to humble you for His glory. You may want a break, but God is after a breakthrough....
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Get Out Of Neutral
In a culture filled with so many angry voices…it’s way too easy to want to escape and forget our life’s purpose. We want to run from people and in some cases even from God, to a voiceless place of NEUTRAL in the transmission of their faith. Doing this may be good for a few days, but it can cau...
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