Greatest Gift to Your Children

The GREATEST GIFT a PARENT should give to their children and grandchildren is not an education, inheritance, nice home, their business, their last name or any other temporary blessing. The GREATEST GIFT we as parents can give to them is who Jesus Christ is and what He can do FOR them on earth and later in the eternal after life. … Read More

Mirror of Life

Many love to point a mirror at the faults of others without taking the time to self-examine themselves. The fact of the matter is…TRUTH is like a mirror and the Bible says in Psalm 26:2 – EXAMINE me and test me, Lord; judge my desires and thoughts. We have to take mirrors (examining self) more seriously because it reflects the … Read More

Sugar Coated Bible

Please allow me to introduce to you the new SCV (Sugar Coated Version) translation Bible being used by many preachers these days. It’s a Bible that everybody gets saved and nobody goes to hell. You don’t have to transform to the likeness of Jesus Christ; just keep engaging in your sin. It’s all good for God knows your heart. God’s … Read More

Peace With Family & Friends

In order to be more of a peacemaker with family and friends we need to control our tongue. This includes texting. Apologies and forgiveness may come, but full healing may not when harsh, destructive, and violent words are lashed out regardless if you began or finished the argument. By now we all agree that nobody “really” wins in a family … Read More

Critical People

The person with a critical spirit usually dwells on the negative, seeks for flaws rather than the good. They’re a complainer, usually always upset, and generally has a problem or a complaint about something. They often have little control over their tongue, their temper, and they have tendencies to gossip and/or slander. If this describes you…Apostle Paul says in God’s … Read More

New Year’s Facade

Thirty years ago I was PARTYING in the cold weather streets of Times Square (New York) seeking worldly temporary pleasures. However, last night (December 31, 2017) I was PREACHING to a nice size congregation (Upper Room Church) about the King of Kings & Lord of Lords who brings PERFECT PEACE and JOY unspeakable to those who embrace Him. What a … Read More

Men & Praying

It’s uncommon to see a MAN praying regardless of their muscles, height, intelligence or status. Why? Because men for the most part when they PRAY they’re acknowledging two things: 1) I BELIEVE in a HIGHER POWER in an act of FAITH. 2) I CAN’T do this journey by myself; I need somebody GREATER than me (humility). These two areas challenge … Read More

Halloween Compromise

We are told in Deuteronomy 18:10 to have NO PART in the deeds of darkness (in other words it’s forbidden for Christians to participate in ANYTHING of the occult or witchcraft in ANY form, as it is an abomination to God). One is NEVER to handle the things of satan “IN FUN” as he hates you, wants to destroy you … Read More

LUST Destroys

Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler (Magazines), Internet/TV Porn Sites and Strip Clubs have brought much unnecessary lust, corruption, perversion & filth to this world. It has polluted minds and has affected bedroom INTIMACY with families (especially in Husband/Wife relationships); chasing fantasies and images that in many cases are not even REAL. There is NOTHING admirable or legendary about people who promote these … Read More

Don’t Give Up!

Never say your situation is hopeless! EVERYTHING has a solution but death and even death when you’re in Christ Jesus comes with the hope of eternity with our Maker. The thing that you’ve been wrestling with if you RESIST it for awhile it will need to bow down and surrender. Breakthroughs come by pressing on and finishing the FIGHT (nothing … Read More