LUST Destroys

Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler (Magazines), Internet/TV Porn Sites and Strip Clubs have brought much unnecessary lust, corruption, perversion & filth to this world. It has polluted minds and has affected bedroom INTIMACY with families (especially in Husband/Wife relationships); chasing fantasies and images that in many cases are not even REAL. There is NOTHING admirable or legendary about people who promote these … Read More

Don’t Give Up!

Never say your situation is hopeless! EVERYTHING has a solution but death and even death when you’re in Christ Jesus comes with the hope of eternity with our Maker. The thing that you’ve been wrestling with if you RESIST it for awhile it will need to bow down and surrender. Breakthroughs come by pressing on and finishing the FIGHT (nothing … Read More

Marriage Respect

RESPECT is like oxygen for men and there’s nothing more disrespectful than a nagging wife complaining about his faults in front of people; with him present. WIVES, please learn to express your desires in ways that INSPIRE! Complaining (yappity-yap yelling) and expecting your husband to stop everything to fix whatever your nagging about ain’t going to cut it. Men can’t … Read More

Powerless Over Addiction

The admission that we are powerless over an addiction (or compulsive behavior) in our lives humbles us up to reach out to God as our source of healing. We begin to understand that He wants to fill our lives with His strength, love, peace, joy, & HOPE! Nothing good comes easy, but if FREEDOM from an addiction has come to … Read More

Church & Hypocrites

Many people today dismiss church as a practical way to grow in their faith. You hear quite often, “It is filled with hypocrites!”  This complaint or excuse is actually ACCURATE, but it’s the exact reason why church is necessary. God gives the church to the hypocrites so they may encourage one another to become less & grow together. If the … Read More

Family Intercession (With The Word)

When Satan came to attack (tempt) Jesus Christ; the Lord defended Himself by saying three (3) different times, “It is written….” and mentioned a corresponding Bible Scripture with it. In other words, He used THE WORD (the sword) to stop the deceiver’s slick attack and victory came to Him as the devil took off.  The enemy of our souls is … Read More

Parenting Wisdom

PARENTS everything you do today will affect your children tomorrow. They are watching you more than you know. They will relate more with what you DO than in what you SAY. Also know that curses go back 3-4 generations, but BLESSINGS go forward for a thousand. Choose the blessing for your bloodline by living for God; not for self or … Read More

Traditions, Emotions & Rituals (Culture)

Many build their lives on what has always been done or how their parents or grandparents did it. Though it does make “some sense”; God gave YOU a mind for you to reason, do your own research and seek ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Tradition becomes tradition because it works somewhat, but it doesn’t last forever. It eventually wears out, becomes obsolete, loses … Read More

Single Ladies & Dress Attires

I can sense in many of you Christian Single ladies the desperation to be found, but remember God’s got you and He’s called you to be a Princess of His Royal Kingdom. You don’t have to dress like a tramp or expose your body for “attention” which will attract LUST, but not necessarily LOVE. Physical exposure may get the attention, … Read More

Don’t Throw Away Your Pearls of Wisdom

Don’t throw your pearls of wisdom in a soil that’s not fertile. In other words, save your saliva with folks that don’t want to hear about Jesus. Understand that not everybody wants to REALLY taste the goodness of God because if they really “tasted it”…they would be more passionate to have a better relationship with Him. Some are living in … Read More