Don’t Fear The Future

There are many uncertainties that take place in life and it’s anxieties sometimes creep up on us all. However, there is ONE certainty we can rest in and that’s the certainty that God Almighty your Maker knows all things at all times and that He’s FOR you. He will HELP you make the right turns and go in the right … Read More

Live With a Grateful Heart

Show gratitude everyday to God Almighty; count your BLESSINGS and stop complaining. Appreciate the small things as much as the large, but focus on what REALLY matters. Don’t major in the minors! Forgive those who have harmed, shamed, and decided to leave you despite you being there in tough times doing so much for them. I’ve learned over the years … Read More

Put God First

New MONTH, New SEASON, New BEGINNING = New THINKING! As a man (or woman) THINKS…so is he. One thing I’ve learned over the course of my life is NOT to follow the herd (which are most people for that matter who choose to walk in mediocrity conforming to this world’s patterns). I enjoy doing the opposite because MOST people are … Read More

Betrayal & Disloyalty

They happen all the time, but it’s always a sour pill to swallow. It usually NEVER comes from your enemies, but from those you didn’t expect (family/friends). The LOVE of Christ in you is “really” tested during moments of betrayal and disloyalty. Keeping a distance is healthy, but many struggle trying to get over it. So how do you move … Read More

Friends & Enemies

Sometimes both can be a dangerous thing as one may not be so good and one may not be so bad. We must grasp the fact that everybody we FIGHT with is not necessarily our enemy and everybody who tries to HELP us is not really our friend. People pretend well. Some enemies are HONEST and some friends are FAKE! … Read More

Men & Prayer

Christianity is dominated by females; yet the rest of the world’s religions are dominated by males. I believe it’s because the enemy of our soul (satan) wants the head (Men) to be inactive and ineffective. Thus, many men are living today too passively, blinded to the things of God, not being responsible in their spiritual headship role, and not taking … Read More

Covenant Relationships

My brother or sister…please understand that some people cannot go the distance with you because they are NOT supposed to.  It’s all good!  Realize that not all people are supposed to be loyal to you.  Some are meant to come along as a reminder to watch the company you keep.  Therefore, if they are not appreciating what you bring to … Read More

Your Assignment (Calling)

  It’s NOT about the amount of people that attend your church, but it’s about doing your ASSIGNMENT.  Besides, God’s more interested that you’re IN CHRIST than IN CHURCH.  Understand that you are not validated by numbers, but by answering to the CALL God’s placed on your life servant of the Most High. A BIG church doesn’t necessarily mean things … Read More

Are You a Child of God or a Creation of God?

I’ve been called a lot of things, but my FAVORITE is being called a SON of God. Not everybody is a Child of God (Matthew 7:21), but we all are Creations of God (Colossians 1:16) who He loves (John 3:16). So how do we become CHILDREN of God? You may have your “opinion”, but that won’t carry much weight. God’s … Read More

The Best Revenge

  At some point in your life, somebody will do something to offend or disrespect you. If you’ve never experienced this…just keep on living. We can’t always control what happens to us, but we do have the ability to control how we respond. I personally used to be a very VINDICTIVE person if somebody would cross the line. This gradually … Read More