Singles & Uncertain Future

 Many are living with anxiety and frustration because they still can’t believe they aren’t married. Their ex partners have moved on and tied the knot; while they roam around wondering if God has forgotten about them. I’m here to tell you that “no good thing will the Lord withhold” from those who live in righteousness where PERFECT PEACE abounds. God … Read More


When the devil ATTACKS you, remember you’re ANOINTED! Put away your self-pity, chill with the drama, and pick-up your PRAYER weapon. As with a junior high school bully or with WARFARE today, we have to FIGHT and expect some level of injury. However, just know that the battle is NEVER bigger than the blessing! Keep pressing, keep fighting, don’t panic … Read More

Leaders & Their Vision

When God gives you a Vision, rest assured that havoc and moments of darkness will surface. God will bring this Vision to fruition at the appointed time if you don’t falter and if you WAIT on His timing. What’s your TASK in the meantime? You are to simply be STILL and LISTEN to the leading of the Spirit who will … Read More

Don’t Worry About Your Life

Many of us are so restless about the future, finances, friends or lost friends, marital status, employment, children, etc., that it is CHOKING the life of God in us. I feel I need to repeat this: that we will NEVER be free from incoming waves of doubt and worry.  However, God wants us to handle stress with deep PRAYER which … Read More

Dealing With Disappointments

Every one of us will at some point experience something that will cause us major disappointment. A spouse who does not satisfy a personal need, a dearly held friend who takes you for granted, a promotion that is delayed, a person who doesn’t honor their word, a child who doesn’t meet your expectations, you letting yourself down and “thinking” it’s … Read More


   “There is a BIG difference between making God your priority or your option. Nothing will make sense if you’re not centered on Him FIRST!”  –  Heriberto “Hery” Alonso

Where Is Your Treasure?

WHERE IS YOUR TREASURE? South Florida People I know we are HAPPIER than a South Beach Sea Gull with a french fry… now that the Miami Heat has REPEATED, but please allow me to ask you this question. In the grand scheme of life does all this REALLY matter? We’ve had lots of FUN, we’ve partied with family/friends, we’ve proven … Read More

Adultery & Fornication Trap

Temptation & Satanic sexual offers will be a part of the Enemy’s schemes; but mainly it will be your FLESH. Do NOT compromise your PEACE for a PIECE! You never know how far your OUT OF ORDER pleasure will take you…then you have to spend precious time Healing the Soul, Renewing the Mind & what took you years to build … Read More

Let Go, Obey & Trust

Life involves both small daily choices & large consequential ones. Including God in our decision-making is ALWAYS prudent. This pattern above has benefited me greatly in my decisions {Let Go whats Evil, Obey Him even when you feel like doing otherwise & Trust Him {deep belief/faith} when things dont make sense or happening on your expected time table.  Sinful habits … Read More

Ego & Pride

Both are closely related concepts, but one leads to humility while the other leads to arrogance. Ego gives one a swollen head {headaches to others} while pride gives a swollen heart. Both can lead to DESTRUCTION!  Pride is an admission of weakness & secretly fears all competition. People who are “too prideful” are artificial {Fake/Phony} while Humility makes one REAL. A … Read More