Comfortable vs Destiny

We are all creatures of comfort, but a “too comfy” passive mindset can turn out to be our worst enemy. Getting by in life is NOT acceptable to God for He has called us to be MORE THAN CONQUERORS. He has included with His Breath of Life Divine Plans & Purpose. He desires us to RISE from Glory to Glory. … Read More

Power of Prayer

The longer I live the more I realize the POWER in Prayer. If Jesus who was PERFECT took prayer seriously, how much more necessary is it for us who are flawed & get derailed easier. This caught my attention last year & I chose to embrace prayer fully. My life hasnt been the same since! Prayer calms the nerves, relieves … Read More

Naked & Unashamed

I’ve always wondered why is it that most NUDISTS are people I really don’t want to see naked. LoL! But that’s NOT what I wanted to write about here. I actually wanted to write about “Marriage Intimacy” to hopefully help ONE struggling rejected-feeling couple be FREE. First of all, choosing to be INTIMATE is not just a code word for … Read More

Healthy & Fit

Taking care of your BODY is telling God that you appreciate your LIFE. I know some have a habit of making long romantic walks to the Fridge late at night, but just learn to say NO! There is no DIET that will do what eating Healthy does {long-term}. You might as well SKIP the diet & just eat healthy.  Will … Read More

You’re Not Alone

Many of us are walking around with a sense of being unappreciated, unrewarded & overlooked causing some pain in our Soul. Just know that many have walked in your shoes & their TIME came were God’s Supernatural caught up with the Natural. I wonder how Noah felt building the Ark for 120yrs & people making fun of him. I wonder … Read More

Trust Your Maker

It’s Monday & you just dont “feel it” today walking somewhat slothful wondering what your future holds, Trust Your Maker. You broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend & you’re anxious because your time clock is ticking & you want to get married…Trust Your Maker. Your teenager & you are having major communication issues…Pray, Love them were they at, dont take things … Read More

Joy Unspeakable

At whatever cost, may your JOY remain FULL. May your JOY never leak out because its the STRENGTH from it that will carry you through. Keep your JOY & Rejoice {go back to your Strength} regardless…for the enemy wants your Soul drained. People will come against you, question you & talk about you; go ahead and Pray for them, surrender … Read More

Unlocking the Launch Code

With God’s favor the impossible things will become possible. The key ingredient to unlock the favor & blessings of God in our life is our FAITH while MOVING FORWARD. The enemy has brought strife to your home, a spirit of rebellion thru your Teen, chaos/havoc in your life & has stolen the family’s peace. Well, you’ve got to have FAITH … Read More

Encourage Yourself

There will be days that your Spouse, Parent, or Best Friend will NOT be around to be your Cheerleader. Refuse to embrace discouragement just because things are not working out. You are suffering & having some pitiful days…well just know that sometimes the Instrument of your SUFFERINGS will become the means for your BLESSINGS. God knows your weaknesses and He … Read More

Singles & Valentine’s Day

Many today will shoot an arrow in the sky to a wishful target heading nowhere. Trying to FORCE relationships to the next level…that were NEVER meant to be to begin with. Letting our Emotions & Loins get the worst of us leading to a dead-end destination. In their quest…they become frustrated, lonely & bitter; rather than WAITING on God calmly … Read More