Tactful Truth

As God continues to Prepare, Purify & do His Pruning in me while in my Santification/Isolation process…one of the things He’s shown me is that “some people” cant handle the TRUTH thrown their way in a Direct manner; so He wants me to improve on it by going around it with TACT.  TACT I’m learning is probrably “BETTER” than silence. … Read More


HAPPINESS comes when you are walking in your God-created PURPOSE not in your self-created pleasures/plans. With one you’re totally FULFILLED & with the other you’re chasing your next temporary High that still leaves a VOID in your Soul.


If you’re cheating or thinking about cheating, here’s why: You have not made the decision to be faithful. You have not desired faithfulness. Temptation does not follow those without desire. I’ve never been a smoker or a drinker. Thus, I’m not tempted by cigarettes, weed and alcohol. I decided a long time ago that those things were no good for me. … Read More


‎”Jesus chose the TWELVE. Don’t assume that fulfillment of God’s purpose for your life is measured by how many people follow & support you. If TWELVE were enough for Jesus, why do you assume you need 12,000? You don’t need people; you need the Kingdom Power of God which is already in you. Don’t fret when a whole bunch of … Read More


Find a Heart that LOVES you at your worst, a Mind that accepts you with your shortcomings & arms that will hold you at your weakest. Be with someone that KNOWS what they have when they have you! #DontSettle&BeTheBestUPossiblyCan The BEST love is the one that makes you a BETTER person, without changing you into someone other than yourself.


Many are walking around this Planet {especially in Hollywood & in the gym} overly self-involved focusing MORE on their outer shell then the prosperity of their Soul/Spirit. They will look at themselves ten times in the mirror before they even read a self-help book, listen to an inspirational CD, give out a complement, or associate with folks that will help … Read More


Jesus developed His ministry from two places: His identity and with His prayer life. His relationship with the Father was the secret to a powerful life filled with miracles. He gave His life for me and now I embrace His way, His will & His walk.  I CHOOSE to live for Him for the rest of my life and not … Read More