Church & Hypocrites

Many people today dismiss church as a practical way to grow in their faith. You hear quite often, “It is filled with hypocrites!”  This complaint or excuse is actually ACCURATE, but it’s the exact reason why church is necessary. God gives the church to the hypocrites so they may encourage one another to become less & grow together. If the church forbidded admittance to hypocrites, then NO PERSON would ever be able to enter a church at all. Why? Because EVERY PERSON struggles with something & hypocrisy “at some level” is included.  It’s very likely that you remember a person whose opinion voiced in Thursday’s Church Service did not exactly match up with their conduct on the following Friday night. You see flawed conduct & proper conduct, not to exclude consistency & inconsistency in relationships or appropriate & inappropriate environment behavior. In other words, there is no such thing as a PERFECT Church, so there is no sense in holding out for one.

     Despite imperfections, God Himself has declared that THE CHURCH (Church of Jesus Christ rooted in KINGDOM of Heaven protocol; not a man-made (religious) denominational one) is the BEST place to gather with others to be encouraged and exhorted.  The best churches allow people to be honest and transparent about their shortcomings; NOT judging people wrongfully sending them to hell. Instead loving the hell out of them as it’s the LOVE of God not the fear of hell that gets people to follow Him and TRANSFORM. I hope RiseUp Outreach will welcome with love the most filthiest of sinners and hypocrites that are in need of a Savior.

     So for ALL the hypocrites of the world…God offers the church. The world sort of celebrates hypocrisy, but in church it’s rebuked despite our imperfections (sinful nature). Church is where “double talk” and double-mindedness can be corrected, where faith grows, where truth can set you FREE and where hypocrisy can be cured.  A hospital for all (born into sin, but with the choice to be Born-Again; to CHANGE to His likeness and not be controlled by our flesh).

     In conclusion, understand that church isn’t just a building for man-made rituals (many done in a fake way anyway; no heart involvement) or a meeting place. Church is what you DO, who you ARE and it’s the human outworking of the person of Jesus Christ. So honor Hebrews 10:25 (regarding not to stop congregating), but also BE THE CHURCH despite your occassional feeling of hypocrisy.  It’s by His grace that we can be made whole. The church will eventually be PERFECT when we get to HEAVEN and there will be no more hypocrisy when we begin our eternal life. Until then, bear the burden of your Christian brothers/sisters and those in need of a Savior with love, gentleness, and mercy while doing your best to live a life that’s REAL as a testimony to those who struggle with being genuine. #RiseUpOutreach #ServicesThursday8PM