Critical People

The person with a critical spirit usually dwells on the negative, seeks for flaws rather than the good. They’re a complainer, usually always upset, and generally has a problem or a complaint about something. They often have little control over their tongue, their temper, and they have tendencies to gossip and/or slander. If this describes you…Apostle Paul says in God’s Word that it’s a SIN. It roots from insecurity, discontent, self-righteousness, immaturity, mind not renewed, and spiritual wickedness. Those that have a tendency to put others down are inwardly trying to feel more important (as if they are better) or that “they know more” which is a form of pride. Don’t become a critic without critiquing yourself! Learn to be a student NOT a critic.

Do not confuse this with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM which is expressed in LOVE to “build up” not to tear down; and best done face-to-face…never behind a person’s back. Walking and living RIGHT according to God includes control of your MOUTH my brother or sister!

In conclusion, if we ever hope to bring improvement in others, we need to become people of encouragement and exhortation. This is the ONLY attitude that will change people. Our actions/words must be devoted to encouraging the spiritual progress of our brothers/sisters in the Lord. If it’s not going to edify or help…silence is best while taking your criticism cares to the Lord. The Christian’s tongue should NEVER be used for anything but good (Ephesians 4:29).
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