Don’t Follow The Herd

Following the “HERD” may be the most popular choice, but many times is not the BEST choice. I am that guy going to the left; where as a youth I questioned myself wondering why I was so different. It’s the NARROW path that leads to LIFE for the WIDE & “POPULAR” leads to DESTRUCTION. If you are lost & not sure where to go? Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

At times it may be lonely, but you will never be fully alone for God is with you. God is FOR you. God approves of you. Therefore, choose to be YOU! Choose to be Different! Choose to RiseUp in courage to go against the wind & against all odds because following the masses may NOT be in your BEST interest! #EmbraceYourUniqueness #TheHerdIsUsuallyLost #GoAgainstTheGrain