Don’t Give Up!

Never say your situation is hopeless! EVERYTHING has a solution but death and even death when you’re in Christ Jesus comes with the hope of eternity with our Maker. The thing that you’ve been wrestling with if you RESIST it for awhile it will need to bow down and surrender. Breakthroughs come by pressing on and finishing the FIGHT (nothing good comes easy). Sometimes it takes an OVERWHELMING breakdown to have an undeniable BREAKTHROUGH! It may take ONE more fervent prayer or gut-digging trust or a focused hope to witness a breakthrough. Be like Jacob and don’t let go until your opposition blesses you. In that blessing, your identity and faith will be changed forever. What you’ve been battling is not only going to bless you now, but change your entire bloodline of future generations (curse broken). So Resist & Fight!

Don’t allow “dream killers” opinions of your goals/dreams to discredit you just because God didn’t deposit that on them. Some people are so regretful of their “missed opportunities” that the best thing they can do is criticize and talk you out of yours. People perish due to a lack of knowledge and dream killers can’t understand that. Furthermore, be wise with who counsels you and who you associate with. Don’t be so quick to seek advice from unequally yoked individuals because people persecute what they can’t perceive. Don’t let their inability to see God’s “BIG PICTURE” ruin your view, keep pressing on even if it’s by yourself. Faithfulness and loyalty bring Kingdom promotion, but most are inconsistent. Understand that misery may love company, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept invitations. #RiseUpOutreach #JoinUsThursdays8PM #UnconventionalChurch #WeAreFamily #YouAreNotJustASeat #CoralGables