Don’t Throw Away Your Pearls of Wisdom

Don’t throw your pearls of wisdom in a soil that’s not fertile. In other words, save your saliva with folks that don’t want to hear about Jesus. Understand that not everybody wants to REALLY taste the goodness of God because if they really “tasted it”…they would be more passionate to have a better relationship with Him. Some are living in rebellion, disobedience, are fleshly minded, and thus have their priorities out of order. You can’t win everybody to Christ anyway, but you can win a few. Now in sharing the Gospel, the objective is not to win the argument, but to win the SOUL. Keep that in mind. Speak the TRUTH in LOVE; don’t be a JERK for Jesus! Praying for them is far more effective and letting the way you live your life witnesses Christ to others. In the meantime, keep hoping for God’s goodness, mercy, and divine timing to rain on them. #RiseUpOutreach