Get Out of Neutral

In a culture filled with so many angry voices…it’s way too easy to want to escape and forget our life’s purpose. We want to run from people and in some cases even from God, to a voiceless place of NEUTRAL in the transmission of their faith. Doing this may be good for a few days, but it can cause gradual zealous decline in Kingdom of God Influence. 

The only gear that will give you the right kind of engagement is the HEART OF GOD. Many quality people have come to a standstill because they have wanted to distance themselves from all the trash-talk. In the long run, that choice doesn’t work so well because it leaves the cultural conversation without the sound of God’s heart.

If you find yourself wanting to walk away from all the drama, consider withdrawing to a place of solitude with God for a season (read the Book of Psalms) and know that goodness and mercy have your back. Detoxify your soul, but never run from God; run TO God. Do whatever you need to do to discover what your voice sounds like when you choose to speak the truth of God’s heart in love.

In conclusion, seek the heart of God and once you encounter His heart, you will be able to engage your spiritual gears once again to find your way forward along the noisy and congested cultural highway. The HEART of GOD is the ONLY gear that will give you the traction needed to move forward and continue making a difference.  So put your trust in God, put no confidence in man, and get out of neutral. #SetYourMindOnThingsAbove