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The Gospel is free, but to advance it requires resources. The Lord has blessed this ministry’s humble beginnings, because of the power of prayer and the generous people it has come in contact with; people who obey God’s Word and who love one another.

I rejoice to hear the wonderful testimonies God is doing through this ministry and I want you to know that I do not take your faithfulness lightly. I’m very grateful for you!

The vision we have and are focusing our efforts on, is to operate a prevention and restoration facility in our community. This facility is going to be called “RiseUp Outreach Center.” One area of concentration is to provide a weekly worldwide Bible Study Webcast that encourages and inspires many lives.

In summary, thank you for your giving and for allowing His servant to be used and be placed in a position to preach the TRUTH that will set those in bondage free, so they can see their real worth. Money is just a tool, but the Word of God is our lifeline! I will continue, so help me God, to allow myself in becoming moldable and to be guided by His Spirit to bring His Word to the world, until my last breath on this earth.


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