Goodbye vs Lifetime

It’s unrealistic to think that every FRIEND you presently have will become a lifetime friend; though that may be our desire. Stuff happens, misunderstandings occur, and sometimes God simply allows things to materialize so you will “move on” to other people who are aligned closer to your destiny; who will help you RiseUp from your comfort zone so you can make a bigger earthly impact. When people you had pegged as lifetime can “walk away” from you…LET THEM WALK! You can try reaching out to them a couple times to see if they desire to restore the relationship you treasure, but please don’t chase them anymore or try to convince them to stay thereafter. Kiss them, pray for them, and learn the gift of saying GOODBYE! Don’t ask them to call or visit you anymore. I don’t care how beautiful they are; if they walk away without wanting to make it work…it’s a GOODBYE not a LIFETIME FRIEND. They may have done wonderful things for you 10-15yrs ago, but if they chose to “walk away” they are NOT lifetime. Rest comfortably in the fact that your destiny is not tied to people who leave!

Sometimes people are toxic to your existence/purpose without you or them even knowing it. They see you and others as the problem when in reality their character carries toxicity, ulterior lame motives, and quit. If they are not lifetime; they are not joined to you and if they are not joined to you…not even Home Depot Gorilla glue will keep them in your life. Let Them Go (Goodbye)! Don’t be hateful, but instead know that who God’s got for you…no devil in hell can stop them from coming to your inner circle. It doesn’t mean these people who left are bad people…it just means the story of your path is OVER! You have to mature into knowing this…rather than trying to continue raising the dead or viewing them as lifetime. If they chose to “walk away or leave you” it’s no accident; stop second guessing yourself and living in guilt wishing you had done things differently. Sometimes when a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. It’s irrelevant anyway…LET THEM GO! Accept it as the will of God, say GOODBYE and love deeper those who stay with you in the good, bad & the ugly (LIFETIME). Love deeper those who celebrate you not those who just tolerate you. #RiseUpOutreach