Halloween Compromise

We are told in Deuteronomy 18:10 to have NO PART in the deeds of darkness (in other words it’s forbidden for Christians to participate in ANYTHING of the occult or witchcraft in ANY form, as it is an abomination to God). One is NEVER to handle the things of satan “IN FUN” as he hates you, wants to destroy you (John 10:10), and takes you seriously. Having “fun” dressing up and all the other so called innocent traditions does not make evil good, does not turn death into life, or darkness into light. Only Jesus can do that!

People’s mindsets these days are set in that they would rather NOT “miss out” on ONE DAY of FUN than to stand for God’s Word for a lifetime of blessings. Darkness brings consequences of things that we have “no idea” how it will unfold down the road (opening a possible door to the demonic is NOT wisdom no matter what your “opinion” is). Satanic rituals and witchcraft were given by the Fallen Angels. Their ultimate goal is a rebellion against God and the total destruction of mankind. We are witnessing much “rebellion & agnostic” mindsets in this modern era because satan’s at work and parents are NOT rising higher for the light (Christ Jesus).

In conclusion, contemplating into tapping or entering a forbidden territory of darkness can bring an unnecessary consequence of some type to you or a family member somewhere down the road. Why take that risk? Not worth it. Choose instead to live “All IN” for the LIGHT (Jesus Christ). God Bless You & your family! #RiseUpOutreach