Jesus developed His ministry from two places: His identity and with His prayer life. His relationship with the Father was the secret to a powerful life filled with miracles. He gave His life for me and now I embrace His way, His will & His walk.  I CHOOSE to live for Him for the rest of my life and not necessarily entertain what pleases me first. I choose to walk with Him EVERYDAY in ALL I do. He is my BEST friend, He is my ONLY constant which keeps me secured, He empowers me to LOVE the unloveable, He is my ROCK which keeps me powerful, He is my JOY which gives me strength, He is my PEACE which my soul rests rather than worry, He is my REDEEMER who has saved/rescued me from the pit of hell, He’s my ANCHOR which keeps me stable, and in Him I shall TRUST. What wisdom from above has entered my mind that I’ve been able to recognize from all the voices, distractions & stuff of this world…….that what TRULY matters is a life surrendered to Jesus. #ImAllIn