Live With a Grateful Heart

Show gratitude everyday to God Almighty; count your BLESSINGS and stop complaining. Appreciate the small things as much as the large, but focus on what REALLY matters. Don’t major in the minors! Forgive those who have harmed, shamed, and decided to leave you despite you being there in tough times doing so much for them. I’ve learned over the years that 80% of people don’t honor their word anyway (Lack INTEGRITY) and 80% are UNGRATEFUL. Love them anyway which doesn’t necessarily mean fellowship or have dinner with them. Your Season may be over and it’s simply time to move on. Forgiveness isn’t about giving a gift to the offender; it’s about giving yourself the gift of freedom and peace. Give yourself and others GRACE to grow. Be Thankful in your PROGRESS (hopefully you’re becoming better not bitter). In conclusion, enjoy TODAY and focus on the NOW with a grateful heart! There is no time like the present. – Hery Alonso

Benefits of Living With a Grateful Heart
1) Helps you be a positive force (influence) in your life and in others.
2) It comforts you and allows you to see what’s truly important in your life.
3) You live with a content spirit, organized mind and a simplification for life.
4) Causes you to exercise more on a regular basis – thus, fewer sick symptoms.
5) Helps you feel better about your life as a whole.
6) Gives you a more optimistic and positive approach in your problems/struggles.
7) Helps you obtain your goals quicker than non-grateful people.
8) Helps you be more alert, enthusiastic, determined, attentive and energized.
9) Provide lower levels of depression and higher levels of positive emotions.
10)Provide a vitality, life satisfaction and lower levels of stress.
11)Helps you live with empathy and take the perspective of others (generous).
12)Grateful people are most likely to establish a connection/relationship w/God.
13)You live with less emphasis towards material things, less likely to judge/envy.