LUST Destroys

Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler (Magazines), Internet/TV Porn Sites and Strip Clubs have brought much unnecessary lust, corruption, perversion & filth to this world. It has polluted minds and has affected bedroom INTIMACY with families (especially in Husband/Wife relationships); chasing fantasies and images that in many cases are not even REAL. There is NOTHING admirable or legendary about people who promote these industries….who make out WOMEN to be SEX OBJECTS rather than beautiful created princesses and queens of the Most High God. Satan has used many of these industry leaders to destroy sexual morals and values in this world. God is not pleased and a tribute to them is undeserving.

LUST affected me for many years, but praise God I repented and gradually renewed my mind with The Word. Thank God that in “His strength; not mine” I was able to let go a life of LUST to a life of LOVE.

MEN, you don’t need to pray for God to take away your sexual appetite. C’mon now…don’t be foolish; you need that for your wife or future wife. Understand that having a sex drive is not the problem, letting sex drive you is. RENEW your mind (read Romans 12:1-2) and make a covenant with your EYES (Job 31:1).

LADIES, you ain’t nobody’s sex toy (maybe your husband’s if you both agree). You don’t need to stoop down and lower your moral standards anymore by allowing men to use you like a rag; then dump you. RiseUp your self-worth and understand that MEN value you based upon how you value yourself. Lust is free, but true love does come with a price. Let them EARN you not use you. Nobody with common sense pays for a free ride anyway. When you LEARN how much you’re WORTH, you’ll STOP giving men DISCOUNTS! #RiseUpOutreach