Marriage Respect

RESPECT is like oxygen for men and there’s nothing more disrespectful than a nagging wife complaining about his faults in front of people; with him present. WIVES, please learn to express your desires in ways that INSPIRE! Complaining (yappity-yap yelling) and expecting your husband to stop everything to fix whatever your nagging about ain’t going to cut it. Men can’t even hear you when your attitude is as such. Learn to find the HERO in him and speak to it with respect (and not in front of others). You will save yourself a lot of grief, stress & frustrations in the process. I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes, but you owe it to the happiness of the union.

Furthermore, men love it bigtime when you can TRUST them in taking the initiative. You surely aren’t going to be a doormat, but you certainly don’t need to do everything either! For example, when the time comes that he reaches out to you because a major decision needs to be made or discussed on something…surprise him every now and then with these words: “Whatever you think is best, I trust you.” That’s a whole lot different than a sarcastic “Whatever!” as you walk away rolling your eyes. That’s emotional instability, immaturity, and a major turn off.
In summary, please stop castrating your husband to the point were he is lost in how to please you and totally unable to lead his family right. Watch him come to LIFE even better than before if you RiseUp to the occasion with some wise Respect and Trust. May God Bless Your Marriage!