Men & Praying

It’s uncommon to see a MAN praying regardless of their muscles, height, intelligence or status. Why? Because men for the most part when they PRAY they’re acknowledging two things: 1) I BELIEVE in a HIGHER POWER in an act of FAITH. 2) I CAN’T do this journey by myself; I need somebody GREATER than me (humility). These two areas challenge men’s INNER BEING (manhood, pride, strength & image toughness). Some feel that if they pray, they are perceived as soft or weak. Why? Because a man’s nature is to be STRONG and TOUGH; so to some, praying is for wusses (thus not necessary). They want their peeps to know, “Hey, I got this” despite their world gradually crumbling. When all FAILS and life becomes mega chaotic, rather than speaking our vulnerability to an accountability partner (another man or spouse); some tend to internalize their feelings to keep people from knowing that they’re hurting and in pain.

The Bible says, “The PRAYER of a righteous MAN has GREAT POWER to prevail” (James 5:16). My BROTHERS and MEN reading this, the fact of the matter is that life sooner or later will beat you up. Life will put you on your knees before you checkout from this earth. Your impressive bank account, chiseled body, people connections, investment properties, luxury cars, party yachts, expensive watches, diplomas, and titles that you’ve placed your trust in; will NOT be able to help you. None of them bring perfect peace or unspeakable joy anyhow. Just know that just because you’re hurting, confused, vulnerable or devastated; and you choose to get HELP, it does not make you any less of a man. On the contrary, it makes you WISE as there is wisdom in counseling. You don’t have to be ashamed whatsoever.

I admire MEN who are REAL and TRANSPARENT with themselves; more than those who put up this “tough guy” facade acting as if they’ve got it all together (phony). So do women for that matter. Women don’t want PLAYERS, they want a WARRIOR for God who prays and has God’s heart. They are the men who are faithful to their wife, cherish, respect, and love her. I truly believe the GREATEST thing a man can do to a woman is to lead her closer to God than to himself.

In conclusion, it’s not the MAN who hides in the DARK (fear, pride & insecurity) trying to handle his problems on his own who RISES HIGHER, but the man who keeps humbling himself to the Mighty Hand of God. None of us have arrived and we really ain’t all that (if you can take your over-inflated ego out of it). All that we are and ever hope to be; we owe it ALL to Him. Therefore, just know that WHEN (not if) the challenging time comes, the ONLY SURE THING you can count on is your RELATIONSHIP (not religion) with God and your willingness to PRAY (anxiety killer). Most of our future BATTLES are NOT fought best with harsh words, fists, knives or guns, but on our KNEES with a heart abandoned to our ONLY CONSTANT (God Almighty). I hope this helps all MEN reading this and will encourage us all to PRAY more. #RiseUpOutreach #PutGodFirstOverEverything #Strive4Greatness #ManUpAndPray