Mirror of Life

Many love to point a mirror at the faults of others without taking the time to self-examine themselves. The fact of the matter is…TRUTH is like a mirror and the Bible says in Psalm 26:2 – EXAMINE me and test me, Lord; judge my desires and thoughts. We have to take mirrors (examining self) more seriously because it reflects the truth that’s in our HEART. Issues and matters of the heart either bring death or life from the tongue; not to exclude division or unity in relationships. Over-critical people have a tendency to point the mirror on others rather than unto themselves. How can God work further in you if your pride won’t let you see the speck in your own eyes? Is there PEACE when you “really” take the time to examine yourself in the mirror? Does your character or mouth reflect a Christ-like behavior?

We must know that a PURE HEART does not demean or degrade a person’s character; instead it builds and prays for them. The BEST place for criticism is in front of a mirror (you examining you) because that’s your biggest disappointment and enemy! The mirror reflects the truth which should set you free rather than offend you. Those who live constantly offended simply don’t want to CHANGE…thus avoid the mirror. May we live to be a reflection of His Glory & Love. #RiseUpOutreach