New Year’s Facade

Thirty years ago I was PARTYING in the cold weather streets of Times Square (New York) seeking worldly temporary pleasures. However, last night (December 31, 2017) I was PREACHING to a nice size congregation (Upper Room Church) about the King of Kings & Lord of Lords who brings PERFECT PEACE and JOY unspeakable to those who embrace Him. What a difference in atmosphere! What a transformation my life evolved! I’m happier today than I’ve ever been; living on-purpose and living for God not self (the secret to contentment).

I remember back then waking up EMPTY after partying all-night saying to myself, “Is this it? There’s got to be more to life than this.” However, TODAY I woke up FULL with inner satisfaction next to my heaven-sent wife. My how times have changed! Before I had all that this world has to offer and I was still empty and with an inner void. So sad to see people have everything and still be miserable. On the other hand, it’s so refreshing to be CONTENT no matter what life throws your way. Oh what a feeling!

Media Television portrays this wonderful picture of “everybody happy” with Dick Clark leading the way, but the fact of the matter is…people fake it well. On the other side of the coin, I remember seeing lots of vomit, jacked up people on drugs, debauchery, shoving, pushing, fights, loose women, lustful men on the prowl, miserable folks, and surely NOT an overwhelming sense of JOY, PEACE & FULLNESS the day after. Thank God I was able to TURN AWAY from that lifestyle that promises lots, but delivers little, SURRENDER to God, and put Him FIRST in everything as He rescued me from myself. Now I pray for things money can’t buy and I enjoy my life with the things that are FREE (love, joy, peace, inner freedom & etc). Do not be deceived my brother or sister; for the GOOD LIFE is being in the will of God surrendered to THE ONE (Jesus Christ) who died for you. #RiseUpOutreach #PutGodFirst #Live4Him #Strive4Greatness