Our Calling (Purpose)

You cannot fail when you STAY within the perimeter of your calling or divine assignment. Don’t worry about who you think should or will promote you because at the root of it all…it’s God Almighty who exalts and promotes (Psalm 75:6-7). He opens the RIGHT doors, but He uses people to turn the knobs for you to go in. I was called to PREACH & WRITE and as long as I keep putting God FIRST in all my ways; it will spell success (God’s Way). The same applies to you! My books may never be a Best Seller & my preaching may never be at the top, but I’m still called to do both as unto the Lord. Nobody can be me or do me like me (same applies to you). I don’t need to covet or imitate anybody because I may trip over my own two feet. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to walk WORTHY of “MY” calling (Ephesians 4:1) & I want to encourage you to do the same as well (in your purpose and gifts/talents). Bite your lip & brace yourself when God HUMBLES you. Why? Because no high calling comes with pride, it is walked out in devotion to the Lord by one who has been emptied.

Please note that there’s a difference in liking or wanting to do something versus CALLED to do it. I never signed up to be a Pastor or an Author; I wanted to be a baseball player or a Real Estate Millionaire, but because I said “YES” to God’s assignment on my life….now what I do is EVERYTHING I want to do till my final breath. I was born to do what I do & I want to inspire you to DO what you were called/prophesied to do trusting in your Creator every step of the way. Why? Because it will bring tremendous fulfillment to your life unlike anything else you choose to embrace on earth for your personal gain. How do I discover my calling? SERVE in your church in “something”, expand your mind (read books), walk in obedience & let God’s timing reveal it to you. Intellect & natural power cannot be your source of confidence. Do not sit comfortably on the sidelines just occupying a church seat & going home immediately after service is over. Know that you were called to make a DIFFERENCE in this earth & to the body of Christ! You were called to OCCUPY not just exist! I declare & release favor over your life’s calling right now in the name of JESUS! #RiseUpOutreach #ServeAsUntoTheLord #SoldierInArmyOfGod