Peace With Family & Friends

In order to be more of a peacemaker with family and friends we need to control our tongue. This includes texting. Apologies and forgiveness may come, but full healing may not when harsh, destructive, and violent words are lashed out regardless if you began or finished the argument. By now we all agree that nobody “really” wins in a family holiday argument. Pride and a lack of humility take over because of past hurts/pains which are still in our memory bank. Anything can cause anger to be triggered. If we are going to have peace in our relationships…our tongues need to be controlled.

Christians today don’t pay much attention to sins of the tongue; perhaps because we mindlessly commit these sins and don’t consider them serious like adultery, stealing or drunkenness. To tame the terrible tongue, we must recognize the tremendous challenge we are facing in this quest.

The Word of God declares that no man can tame the tongue, but the good news is that, with God’s power (Holy Spirit) we can! How does He do it? He conquers the heart with His agape love and fills it with His truth; then out of the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak. He heals our hurt (offense) and allow us to heal rather than lash out carelessly. A Tongue has no bones, but yet it’s strong enough to BREAK a heart (relationship).

The Bible says in Colossians 4:6 – “Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.” This verse should be an instrument of wisdom for us who like me in the past…stuck my foot in my big mouth many times. I would be considered a wise man one day and a fool on another because in my “natural strength” I couldn’t tame the tongue consistently. I needed help…Holy Spirit power help! I embraced the challenge and improvement came almost immediately as there’s power in a made-up mind. I didn’t let my mood lead the way which is wise to say to you the reader here not to mix BAD words with your BAD mood! Why? You’ll have many opportunities to CHANGE a mood, but you’ll never get the opportunity to unSAY the words you spoke!

In conclusion, choose to RiseUp and you be the one to CHANGE for your family and friends sake. Them seeing you change may cause them to change, but if they choose not too…continue to be the peacemaker. You may say, “Pastor, you don’t know my family.” Your right I don’t, but I do know the power in THE ONE who calmed the wind and the raging sea. When an argument or debate is not going anywhere…gently say, “Stop…this is not going anywhere. I love you too much to lose my peace over this. We’ll agree to disagree and move forward for the sake of peace.” Regardless how they respond…stay cool. You may need to walk away, but never lash out words that will cause the fire to become bigger than necessary.

Furthermore, do not talk about your FAMILY and FRIENDS behind their back. Especially if you KNOW that when all hell breaks loose; most likely they will be there for you. Negative words negatively influences those around you, but the ability to forgive brings restoration. Walk in wisdom and self-control with your tongue not so you can bash, but for you to PROTECT and speak LIFE which makes you a peacemaker. #RiseUpOutreach #PutGodFirst #BeAQuick4Giver #Agree2Disagree