Powerless Over Addiction

The admission that we are powerless over an addiction (or compulsive behavior) in our lives humbles us up to reach out to God as our source of healing. We begin to understand that He wants to fill our lives with His strength, love, peace, joy, & HOPE! Nothing good comes easy, but if FREEDOM from an addiction has come to many without prayer (just a made-up mind); how much more DOABLE should it be for those who cry out to God to RESCUE them and He fills them with His power. ALL things are possible through Him!
The FIRST step is to turn our FOCUS away from us (we are weak) and the SECOND step is to turn our eyes totally towards God. His POWER is greater than ourselves and He’s able to RESTORE you. You don’t need the 12-Step Program (AA or NA) when you have the 1-Step Program (Total Belief & Surrender to the Resurrected Power of Jesus Christ). He’s able to exchange your bondage, chaos, and path to destruction for FREEDOM! Who else are you going to call? God sent Jesus to SAVE, HEAL & RESCUE you from yourself! May you RiseUp to make a qualified decision…then buckle up, fight like the conqueror that God sees you as, and endure the “temporary” (not permanent) grinding process towards progression not perfection; because you may have a relapse here and there which is all part of recovery. No Grind – No Glory! It’s part of the process. May you be STRONG in the Lord (not yourself) and in His mighty POWER (Ephesians 6:10)! #RiseUpOutreach #YoureStrongerThanYouThink