I’m All In!


In this book, Heriberto “Hery” Alonso will emphasize:

  • The power of a made-up mind set in Christ Jesus (defeating double-mindedness).
  • Benefits of living in the will of God rather than in our own.
  • How to start your day right and finish strong (setting the tone).
  • Trusting God when you can’t trace His moves.
  • Developing the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom.
  • Ten ways to heal & let go of a tainted love and/or toxic romantic relationship.
  • Twelve principles on how to improve your covenant marriage.
  • Eight ways to become a better parent to your teenager.
  • Moving pass stuck and recognizing life’s passion killers.
  • Why we need the fire of the Holy Spirit.
  • How to be ALL IN for Jesus Christ (go from casual Christian fan to a true follower).