Relationships in 2019

There are times when we lean on God concerning our relationships (friendships, family, ministerial or romantic) and ask Him to make things better, but are we prepared to handle HIS response? We need to realize that sometimes in order for things to get BETTER…it might call for you to WALK AWAY to finally discover that YOU deserve better. Understand that some people aren’t meant to return back into your life; so stop holding open positions in case of good behavior. Just because you have a HISTORY with them, doesn’t mean you have a DESTINY with them! Learn this lesson.

Learn to accept God’s addition by subtraction and when He provides an exit don’t make it an entrance for others. May you REFUSE to strive for “appearance sake” and instead “Strive For Greatness” because you’re established for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Namesake. You are loved, treasured, appointed & anointed by The Great I Am! You don’t need people approval. Therefore, be free to RiseUp and climb mountain heights with JOY despite occasional stumbles because there’s no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. He’s a FRIEND to everyone including sinners, He’s the Prince of Peace, He calms the storms of life, He’s the Author of CLARITY not confusion & He wants YOU to trust in Him for He’s your ONLY CONSTANT. Make Him a priority in 2019! God Bless You! #RiseUpOutreach #JoinUsThurs8PM #LovePeople #TrustGod