Single Ladies & Dress Attires

I can sense in many of you Christian Single ladies the desperation to be found, but remember God’s got you and He’s called you to be a Princess of His Royal Kingdom. You don’t have to dress like a tramp or expose your body for “attention” which will attract LUST, but not necessarily LOVE. Physical exposure may get the attention, but personality gets the heart. Understand that you don’t have to conform to the questionable wardrobes of this world to feel good about yourself; to just FIT in when you were created to STAND OUT. There’s something admirable about a woman living CONFIDENT, CONSERVATIVE & CONTENT! What you wear initially defines what people think about you; so HONOR God in your dress fashion and stop getting the approval of lustful men with no vision who simply want to take you to bed.

For the record, not all men are dogs, but if you want to expose yourself in a sleezy way; they will treat you like a fire hydrant…so don’t complain when they mark their spot and soon checkout. If you kept your legs closed, would they care enough to find another way to get inside you? Know for a fact that the mature man is more interested in your brain than in your body. In conclusion, God can make you more beautiful than any fashion designer because He specializes in internal & eternal makeovers. Trust Him & seek His approval. #RiseUpOutreach