Sugar Coated Bible

Please allow me to introduce to you the new SCV (Sugar Coated Version) translation Bible being used by many preachers these days. It’s a Bible that everybody gets saved and nobody goes to hell. You don’t have to transform to the likeness of Jesus Christ; just keep engaging in your sin. It’s all good for God knows your heart. God’s grace will still get you into heaven anyway. This Bible costs $316.00 and it has all the verses that make you feel good while leaving out those verses that bring forth a challenge; requiring you to repent and walk in obedience.

Seriously, the Bible is considered “hate speech” by many wanting to live in a LIE and who reject TRUTH. Many are SAVED, even preaching, but most are not DELIVERED from something. A SCV (Sugar Coated Version) Bible or “soft” preaching will NOT get a person pointed to the “root” of the problem requiring an intense faith-based prayer of deliverance in the name of Jesus. We can’t be DELIVERED from something we do that’s wrong, but yet we call it NORMAL. Preacher man…if you are going to deliver nations, you must first learn how to deliver yourself first. Your battle has a much higher purpose, so please stop watering down God’s uncompromising Word. #RiseUpOutreach #DoNotBeDeceived #PutGodFirst #GodWillNotBeMocked #DevilIsALiar