Tactful Truth

As God continues to Prepare, Purify & do His Pruning in me while in my Santification/Isolation process…one of the things He’s shown me is that “some people” cant handle the TRUTH thrown their way in a Direct manner; so He wants me to improve on it by going around it with TACT. 

TACT I’m learning is probrably “BETTER” than silence. It’s a way of conveying your delivery in a manner that is acceptable, respectful & loving to the recipient who may NOT like the frankness, direct & straight-shooter approach. I will continue to be ME {Direct, Real & Transparent}, but wisdom has shown me that not everybody appreciates it; so I have to tweek the command center {Mind} in order to be even more efficient.

I will reserve my direct & straight-shooter ways for those who can handle it & roll with me effortlessly. For me personally, if I ask you “Am I fat?”…I can handle you saying “Yes & you need to lose some weight”. You dont need to tell me “Well, just a tad, but dont feel so bad cause many are worse”. I like to “take on” the PAIN OF TRUTH & get it over with because I know it will help me reach the necessary goal quicker. That’s just me….I dont need Tact, but I do desire RESPECT. 

Respect & Tact are somewhat synonymous to a degree. One is a form of beating around the bush with sensitivity & the other is giving dignity/honor. When sharing TRUTH I dont like to beat around the bush, but if it will help my fellow man embrace it better I will do so. I’ve had people Block/Remove me because I’ve been “too direct” with my responses to their excuses/comments. I havent lost any sleep over it, but nevertheless it should be an area of improvement…because we are ALL still in the baking oven of transformation. 

In Summary, God KNOWS my heart & my sincere motives to HELP not HURT anybody. But until they “really” get to know you…it’s prudent to use TACT. The Bible says “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” Therefore, husbands…be wise with your words to your wife. Leaders, be candid with your words to your congregation. Learn to create this intelligent ability to tell a person that they have an Open Mind…when in reality they have a HOLE in their Head.