From Apostle Lee Harris

I had the absolute pleasure of reading a book written by my Facebook friend Heriberto Alonso, “BLESSED, BALANCED & COMPLETE”. The title speaks volumes in it self! This is one of the few books I’ve read that made my soul leap as I finished Chapter after Chapter until all 16 Chapters were consumed by this lover of books! As I pondered on writing this review my thoughts were coming so fast like the waves of the oceans until my mind was flooded with words of praise for this great work written by Heriberto. “BLESSED, BALANCED & COMPLETED” is just that, a work map based upon the written Word of God for getting your life to that Blessed, Balanced & Completed state as you discover truths that will excite you and build your faith toward the destiny that God has planned ahead for you. Speaking of faith, I found Chapter 7 “Advanced Faith” to be my personal favorite. One statement from that Chapter “We can have victory in the midst of storms by our faith.” another Chapter I enjoyed reading was Chapter 2 “Maintaining the Temple(Health)” You know getting and keeping our bodies is vital if we are to live a Blessed, Balanced, & Completed life in God. I highly recommend this book! In fact, I can’t recommend it enough! To all my facebook friends you need to have this book in your library. Pastors and leaders this book would be great for Bible Studying with your Church!

I thank God everyday for giving me another chance to live and get on the pathway of optimum health! Just last year this time I was in the hospital at the point of death because I had refused to take my health serious on a constant bases. Here a little, there a little, but not consistently, no real lifestyle changes! But God, who is rich in mercy met me and gave me the strength and wisdom when I asked of Him, and made my lifestyle changes a priority! He put two gentlemen in my life who planted the seeds for health Hery Alonso andVernon A. Warrick, neither badged me, but voiced their concerns and led by example, which is what I’m trying to do for all those that I love and know! Life is so much better without carrying around a bag full of medicines for high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, heart disease, pain killers. Today I’m free of the bag, free of all meds, free to live life truly more abundantly! You too can make the switch to a better more healthy life, but you first must not say that you “CAN’T DO IT” because you can do it with the right information and determination! Cry out for HELP and HELP will come! As a matter of fact it’s here NOW! Live and not die! Your best life awaits your decision!