From Bruno & Paula Lima

Married for 7 years , together for 9 , my husband and I have had some interesting obstacles thrown our way. Married at young age , lack of knowledge and immaturity played big parts in our learning “how to get this right”. We are blessed with 2 beautiful boys , Adrian & Alex (8 , 6 yrs old) whom are teaching us daily a lot about life.
With work slowing down , summer vacation in full swing, and mother in law visiting, tensions ran high in our house, and marriage. Hadn’t talk to Bruno in about 2-3 days, and the day came that I told myself uneasy “That’s it , if it’s a divorce, than so be it, I can do this”, I took my ring off and put it away. That day at work I was very uneasy, felt weird, maybe people were going to ask why I don’t have my wedding ring on, and thinking of every excuse like “its getting fixed, or oops I forgot to slip it back on after cleaning yesterday”. Before and after work I love to listen to LifeFM, it calms me, takes my mind away from daily tensions and as I put it on after work, I hear that they are giving away tickets for “From Single to Married” seminar, and I thought for a moment, “Well I always call , never win .. marriage seminar for someone’s marriage that’s over ? At least let me try and maybe bless someone else’ life with the tickets”. I needed to be caller number 8 , I waited about 3 minutes and proceeded to call and left my phone on speaker. What I heard next gave me chills ” Congratulations, your caller number 8 ! Please hold so we can get your information”. I started to panic, ” should I hang up?” , “I cant go to this seminar my marriage is over” , “I’m not going to tell Bruno I won the tickets” , “Maybe I can give them to Yessenia or my sister”. The next day Thursday, I, very hardheadedly, asked Bruno for a ‘favor’, “Can you get pick up some tickets for me at this address ” and I figured once he saw he would ask ” What are these tickets? Who are they for ? Where did you get them”. Well , he picked up the tickets and said nothing. So it was Friday night, the seminar was Saturday morning, I still had not mentioned anything to Bruno. After soccer practice ended, we went to eat dinner with his family, and well he asked what the plans were this weekend and I said ” well if you want, there’s a seminar I won tickets for tomorrow morning, 3 hours about marriage… ” and immediately he proceeded with a “Yes of course we can go”. Boy did that lighten my day.

With the devil always at play, pulling in the parking lot of the seminar we didn’t know what to expect, we began to argue, because he didn’t realize for 3 days I had my ring off. Faking smiles, and hiding tension we walked in and sat.
We listened to your teaching about marriage and how marriage is a “life long journey learning to love like Christ”. While listening, I felt myself as well as my husband open up and felt a huge weight be lifted up off our shoulders. I felt our ears open up to not only hear what you taught, but really listen to what’s taught so that we, individually understand that when we married, we became ONE. I’m a big note taker, I love to listen and take notes, but what really lighted me up is that my husband would turn to me and say “did you write that down, send it to me so I can have it as well”. Pastor Hery, you and your wife did an absolutely amazing job in the Single to Married seminar. God spoke to our marriage through you both and opened our eyes to things we much needed to be reminded of. I felt a change , a lift in our lives spiritually that day. We thank you so much for having us and mentoring us on things we so often forget. I feel that this can be a foundation for us becoming more involved and a push to serve the Jesus and do more than just “attend church on Sundays” (which hasn’t been happening often). Because of your seminar, a marriage has been restored and a family has become closer. Although trials will always come our way, we are preparding ourselves to be committed as one.

Now I’m sure you can relate as to why I couldn’t control my emotions that day haha. We want to thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts. We truly appreciate the time you took to have this seminar and just simply say hello after.