From D’edra Y. Armstrong

Heriberto Alonso’s Blessed, Balanced & Complete contains Pearls of Wisdom. More like a daily living manual, this book offers clear and concise practical and biblically-based principles that can assist anyone in reaching their desired life goals. In his book, Mr. Alonso examines the underpinnings to achieving an optimum life. And these include connecting with God, maintaining good health (through proper diet and exercise), assuming relational (family) responsibilities, pursuing education, and building a career. Alonso doesn’t stop there, but he also describes some of the tools of success, including the importance of having positive thought patterns, applying unshakable faith, having patience, and employing perseverance, just to name a few. What is distinctive and unique about Blessed, Balanced & Complete is that Alonso opens up to the reader and shares intimate experiences of his journey. By doing so, he provides an indisputable model of success. If you want to know how to live a blessed, balanced, and complete life, purchase this book.