From Lemay Rodriguez

What a moment, where can I begin to describe this feeling. I am 35,000 feet in the air on a flight from Seattle to Atlanta. I normally (99% of the time) am sitting in an aisle seat as it is my preference but today I am in a window seat with no seat options to choose from. I am in the final chapter and pages of your book reading about life’s valleys and mountain tops. It is pitch black outside still but in the corner of my window on the horizon I can see the light of day approaching. A beautiful sunlit skyline and I can’t help but feel HIS presence envelop my being; I stop reading and look outside to take in this moment, this amazing moment of love and peace that is coursing through me. I can’t hold back the tears. I can feel Him, no doubt about it!

Is this coincidence? I can’t accept that one bit. I have to believe that God placed you in my path while camping in March. I have to believe that for whatever reason I made it on your email list and I believe that our “stay motivated” connection was there so I can know you when you wrote this book. I know that it was God’s will that, through your book, you would help me to strengthen my “Spiritual Journey of Maturity”. A journey I had really begun to undertake on my own just a few months prior. As the plane traveled toward the light I could see the Earth below, I could see the mountain tops of the Rockies! What an amazing metaphor and symbolism to what I was just reading. I think to myself, I am above the mountains because of the blessings of the Lord. The tears are flowing again and they are difficult to suppress while sitting on this airplane. I don’t want to seem like some freak to the passenger sitting next to me. The views outside my window are AMAZING, a window I never sit next too nor spend the time to look out of. The snow covered Rockies are beautiful as the day continues to break on their peaks!

I reflect on how incredibly lucky I am. How through the years God has kept me through the dark and uncertain days as a combat Marine serving in the Gulf War and Africa. How he helped me to discover my wife, Dana, who is the angel that has helped to make me all that I am. She has blessed me with an incredible marriage, three beautiful children and is my best friend! It is because of her goodness and example that through the years I have learned to become an honest and better man. It is because God has allowed someone so unworthy, as myself, to be blessed by having her to steer (and many times push) me closer to HIM that I can truly appreciate this revelation above the clouds.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason (as you state in your book, it is all God’s will) and life has a way of putting you exactly where you need to be. I am certain that this moment, one I have possibly waited for all my life, is real! I am certain that there have been other times in my life like; the day I got married or on the days and nights of the birth of my three kids that God showed himself to me but for whatever reason I was not ready then to truly “see” HIM and feel his presence!

Thank you for opening yourself and your story to all those that will read “Blessed, Balanced and Complete”. Please know that you were the catalyst in helping to strengthen my beliefs, feed my own appetite for wanting to know GOD more and making me take a crucial moment to appreciate all that the Lord has given me. Many Continued Blessings…