From Sandi Stephens

I trust you & yours are having a blessed, productive & fun day. I am sending this email to you, to let you know that I am thoroughly blessed by your book. I am taking my time to read it. Normally I can read a book in a day or two. But this is a book that you have to take your time to savor lil by lil. Thank you for been vulnerable, honest & open in regards to your shortcomings,challenges & struggles. The wisdom, advice, suggestions, humor, points & tips you offer are priceless. I decree & declare in the name of Jesus that this book will continue to reach & touch millions of millions of lives & that it will be used ONLY for God’s glory & honor.That all barriers (language, culture & social statuses) will be broken in Jesus’s name.I decree & declare in the name of Jesus that sales will increase in multiples and doors will open in different arenas in regards to communications (TV, radio, internet, cyber space & satellite), literature and written form for God’s glory & honor.I decree & declare in the name of Jesus that seminars, workshops, conferences and teachings will be opened by the Lord, through this book so the Body of Christ can be equipped & edified (be blessed, balanced & complete) & that a domino effect will occur to further the preaching of the gospel.I decree & declare in the name of Jesus, that Bro. Hery Alonso & Alonso Ministries, will have dedicated, loyal & equipped servants to work with the mindset that this is all about God, souls, families, & the Body of Christ. That all that they do is not for monetary gain, or for worldly riches & fame. Bro. Hery Alonso, Alonso Ministries & any ministries associated with them will operate in integrity, decency & order, with the spirit of excellence.In Jesus’ name, I come against any worry, cares, perfectionism, fear, distractions, seducting spirits, stress or any sickness, diseases and or infirmities that the enemy will plan or try to place upon my Brother, his family, friends, loved ones & associates. That El-Shaddai, The God of more than enough will provide all the necessary resources, that my Brother & this ministry will need. I thank You, Lord that Bro. Hery Alonso & Alonso Ministries will continue to have favor with You & man, according to Psalm 23:6. I thank You, Lord that Bro. Hery Alonso & Alonso Ministries will continue to submit to you Father God & that he will continue to seek You first & that he will continue to move in the directions that You will guide him into. That he will not be a man pleaser, instead he pleases only You.We thank You Lord for You are a good God!! Amen & Amen!From what I’ve read so far, I can clearly see the manifestations of the miracles, grace & mercies of God operating in your life. It’s like seeing your testimony in live form. I know I am reading but it’s like picturing it at the same time (I am sure you are able to relate as one has to have vision & imagination to write or to express themselves in written form).Stay on the wall Brother Hery & continue to fight the good fight of faith. All is well, the best is yet to come! Continue on in the blessed, balanced & complete life, found ONLY in Jesus Christ, our Lord.