Reaching Out to Those in Need

The Goodness of God came upon this family for their commitment, dedication & sacrifices made for the Vineyard of the Lord. They were blessed with an SUV that was donated to the ministry.
1Corinthians 2:9 – No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.

I had the absolute pleasure of reading a book written by my Facebook friend Heriberto Alonso, “BLESSED, BALANCED & COMPLETE”. The title speaks volumes in it self! This is one of the few books I’ve read that made my soul leap as I finished Chapter after Chapter until all 16 Chapters were consumed by this lover of books! As I pondered on writing this review my thoughts were coming so fast like the waves of the oceans until my mind was flooded with words of praise for this great work written by Heriberto. “BLESSED, BALANCED & COMPLETED” is just that, a work map based upon the written Word of God for getting your life to that Blessed, Balanced & Completed state as you discover truths that will excite you and build your faith toward the destiny that God has planned ahead for you. Speaking of faith, I found Chapter 7 “Advanced Faith” to be my personal favorite. One statement from that Chapter “We can have victory in the midst of storms by our faith.” another Chapter I enjoyed reading was Chapter 2 “Maintaining the Temple(Health)” You know getting and keeping our bodies is vital if we are to live a Blessed, Balanced, & Completed life in God. I highly recommend this book! In fact, I can’t recommend it enough! To all my facebook friends you need to have this book in your library. Pastors and leaders this book would be great for Bible Studying with your Church! I thank God everyday for giving me another chance to live and get on the pathway of optimum health! Just last year this time I was in the hospital at the point of death because I had refused to take my health serious on a constant bases. Here a little, there a little, but not consistently, no real lifestyle changes! But God, who is rich in mercy met me and gave me the strength and wisdom when I asked of Him, and made my lifestyle changes a priority! He put two gentlemen in my life who planted the seeds for health Hery Alonso andVernon A. Warrick, neither badged me, but voiced their concerns and led by example, which is what I’m trying to do for all those that I love and know! Life is so much better without carrying around a bag full of medicines for high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, heart disease, pain killers. Today I’m free of the bag, free of all meds, free to live life truly more abundantly! You too can make the switch to a better more healthy life, but you first must not say that you “CAN’T DO IT” because you can do it with the right information and determination! Cry out for HELP and HELP will come! As a matter of fact it’s here NOW! Live and not die! Your best life awaits your decision!

From Apostle Lee Harris

What a moment, where can I begin to describe this feeling. I am 35,000 feet in the air on a flight from Seattle to Atlanta. I normally (99% of the time) am sitting in an aisle seat as it is my preference but today I am in a window seat with no seat options to choose from. I am in the final chapter and pages of your book reading about life’s valleys and mountain tops. It is pitch black outside still but in the corner of my window on the horizon I can see the light of day approaching. A beautiful sunlit skyline and I can’t help but feel HIS presence envelop my being; I stop reading and look outside to take in this moment, this amazing moment of love and peace that is coursing through me. I can’t hold back the tears. I can feel Him, no doubt about it! Is this coincidence? I can’t accept that one bit. I have to believe that God placed you in my path while camping in March. I have to believe that for whatever reason I made it on your email list and I believe that our “stay motivated” connection was there so I can know you when you wrote this book. I know that it was God’s will that, through your book, you would help me to strengthen my “Spiritual Journey of Maturity”. A journey I had really begun to undertake on my own just a few months prior. As the plane traveled toward the light I could see the Earth below, I could see the mountain tops of the Rockies! What an amazing metaphor and symbolism to what I was just reading. I think to myself, I am above the mountains because of the blessings of the Lord. The tears are flowing again and they are difficult to suppress while sitting on this airplane. I don’t want to seem like some freak to the passenger sitting next to me. The views outside my window are AMAZING, a window I never sit next too nor spend the time to look out of. The snow covered Rockies are beautiful as the day continues to break on their peaks! I reflect on how incredibly lucky I am. How through the years God has kept me through the dark and uncertain days as a combat Marine serving in the Gulf War and Africa. How he helped me to discover my wife, Dana, who is the angel that has helped to make me all that I am. She has blessed me with an incredible marriage, three beautiful children and is my best friend! It is because of her goodness and example that through the years I have learned to become an honest and better man. It is because God has allowed someone so unworthy, as myself, to be blessed by having her to steer (and many times push) me closer to HIM that I can truly appreciate this revelation above the clouds. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason (as you state in your book, it is all God’s will) and life has a way of putting you exactly where you need to be. I am certain that this moment, one I have possibly waited for all my life, is real! I am certain that there have been other times in my life like; the day I got married or on the days and nights of the birth of my three kids that God showed himself to me but for whatever reason I was not ready then to truly “see” HIM and feel his presence! Thank you for opening yourself and your story to all those that will read “Blessed, Balanced and Complete”. Please know that you were the catalyst in helping to strengthen my beliefs, feed my own appetite for wanting to know GOD more and making me take a crucial moment to appreciate all that the Lord has given me. Many Continued Blessings…

From Lemay Rodriguez

I trust you & yours are having a blessed, productive & fun day. I am sending this email to you, to let you know that I am thoroughly blessed by your book. I am taking my time to read it. Normally I can read a book in a day or two. But this is a book that you have to take your time to savor lil by lil. Thank you for been vulnerable, honest & open in regards to your shortcomings,challenges & struggles. The wisdom, advice, suggestions, humor, points & tips you offer are priceless. I decree & declare in the name of Jesus that this book will continue to reach & touch millions of millions of lives & that it will be used ONLY for God’s glory & honor.That all barriers (language, culture & social statuses) will be broken in Jesus’s name.I decree & declare in the name of Jesus that sales will increase in multiples and doors will open in different arenas in regards to communications (TV, radio, internet, cyber space & satellite), literature and written form for God’s glory & honor.I decree & declare in the name of Jesus that seminars, workshops, conferences and teachings will be opened by the Lord, through this book so the Body of Christ can be equipped & edified (be blessed, balanced & complete) & that a domino effect will occur to further the preaching of the gospel.I decree & declare in the name of Jesus, that Bro. Hery Alonso & Alonso Ministries, will have dedicated, loyal & equipped servants to work with the mindset that this is all about God, souls, families, & the Body of Christ. That all that they do is not for monetary gain, or for worldly riches & fame. Bro. Hery Alonso, Alonso Ministries & any ministries associated with them will operate in integrity, decency & order, with the spirit of excellence.In Jesus’ name, I come against any worry, cares, perfectionism, fear, distractions, seducting spirits, stress or any sickness, diseases and or infirmities that the enemy will plan or try to place upon my Brother, his family, friends, loved ones & associates. That El-Shaddai, The God of more than enough will provide all the necessary resources, that my Brother & this ministry will need. I thank You, Lord that Bro. Hery Alonso & Alonso Ministries will continue to have favor with You & man, according to Psalm 23:6. I thank You, Lord that Bro. Hery Alonso & Alonso Ministries will continue to submit to you Father God & that he will continue to seek You first & that he will continue to move in the directions that You will guide him into. That he will not be a man pleaser, instead he pleases only You.We thank You Lord for You are a good God!! Amen & Amen!From what I’ve read so far, I can clearly see the manifestations of the miracles, grace & mercies of God operating in your life. It’s like seeing your testimony in live form. I know I am reading but it’s like picturing it at the same time (I am sure you are able to relate as one has to have vision & imagination to write or to express themselves in written form).Stay on the wall Brother Hery & continue to fight the good fight of faith. All is well, the best is yet to come! Continue on in the blessed, balanced & complete life, found ONLY in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

From Sandi Stephens

Heriberto Alonso’s Blessed, Balanced & Complete contains Pearls of Wisdom. More like a daily living manual, this book offers clear and concise practical and biblically-based principles that can assist anyone in reaching their desired life goals. In his book, Mr. Alonso examines the underpinnings to achieving an optimum life. And these include connecting with God, maintaining good health (through proper diet and exercise), assuming relational (family) responsibilities, pursuing education, and building a career. Alonso doesn’t stop there, but he also describes some of the tools of success, including the importance of having positive thought patterns, applying unshakable faith, having patience, and employing perseverance, just to name a few. What is distinctive and unique about Blessed, Balanced & Complete is that Alonso opens up to the reader and shares intimate experiences of his journey. By doing so, he provides an indisputable model of success. If you want to know how to live a blessed, balanced, and complete life, purchase this book.

From D’edra Y. Armstrong

Married for 7 years , together for 9 , my husband and I have had some interesting obstacles thrown our way. Married at young age , lack of knowledge and immaturity played big parts in our learning “how to get this right”. We are blessed with 2 beautiful boys , Adrian & Alex (8 , 6 yrs old) whom are teaching us daily a lot about life. With work slowing down , summer vacation in full swing, and mother in law visiting, tensions ran high in our house, and marriage. Hadn’t talk to Bruno in about 2-3 days, and the day came that I told myself uneasy “That’s it , if it’s a divorce, than so be it, I can do this”, I took my ring off and put it away. That day at work I was very uneasy, felt weird, maybe people were going to ask why I don’t have my wedding ring on, and thinking of every excuse like “its getting fixed, or oops I forgot to slip it back on after cleaning yesterday”. Before and after work I love to listen to LifeFM, it calms me, takes my mind away from daily tensions and as I put it on after work, I hear that they are giving away tickets for “From Single to Married” seminar, and I thought for a moment, “Well I always call , never win .. marriage seminar for someone’s marriage that’s over ? At least let me try and maybe bless someone else’ life with the tickets”. I needed to be caller number 8 , I waited about 3 minutes and proceeded to call and left my phone on speaker. What I heard next gave me chills ” Congratulations, your caller number 8 ! Please hold so we can get your information”. I started to panic, ” should I hang up?” , “I cant go to this seminar my marriage is over” , “I’m not going to tell Bruno I won the tickets” , “Maybe I can give them to Yessenia or my sister”. The next day Thursday, I, very hardheadedly, asked Bruno for a ‘favor’, “Can you get pick up some tickets for me at this address ” and I figured once he saw he would ask ” What are these tickets? Who are they for ? Where did you get them”. Well , he picked up the tickets and said nothing. So it was Friday night, the seminar was Saturday morning, I still had not mentioned anything to Bruno. After soccer practice ended, we went to eat dinner with his family, and well he asked what the plans were this weekend and I said ” well if you want, there’s a seminar I won tickets for tomorrow morning, 3 hours about marriage… ” and immediately he proceeded with a “Yes of course we can go”. Boy did that lighten my day. With the devil always at play, pulling in the parking lot of the seminar we didn’t know what to expect, we began to argue, because he didn’t realize for 3 days I had my ring off. Faking smiles, and hiding tension we walked in and sat. We listened to your teaching about marriage and how marriage is a “life long journey learning to love like Christ”. While listening, I felt myself as well as my husband open up and felt a huge weight be lifted up off our shoulders. I felt our ears open up to not only hear what you taught, but really listen to what’s taught so that we, individually understand that when we married, we became ONE. I’m a big note taker, I love to listen and take notes, but what really lighted me up is that my husband would turn to me and say “did you write that down, send it to me so I can have it as well”. Pastor Hery, you and your wife did an absolutely amazing job in the Single to Married seminar. God spoke to our marriage through you both and opened our eyes to things we much needed to be reminded of. I felt a change , a lift in our lives spiritually that day. We thank you so much for having us and mentoring us on things we so often forget. I feel that this can be a foundation for us becoming more involved and a push to serve the Jesus and do more than just “attend church on Sundays” (which hasn’t been happening often). Because of your seminar, a marriage has been restored and a family has become closer. Although trials will always come our way, we are preparding ourselves to be committed as one. Now I’m sure you can relate as to why I couldn’t control my emotions that day haha. We want to thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts. We truly appreciate the time you took to have this seminar and just simply say hello after.

From Bruno & Paula Lima

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