Truth Talk

Stop talking about sin, our job is just to love people. Lately I’ve heard some people say, “Stop talking about sin, our job is just to love people.” While that may sound all lovely & kind, it makes absolutely no sense; plus it has no Biblical foundation.

If you LOVE PEOPLE you tell them the truth. Obviously with love, but even that creates “an angry rise” to those who choose to continue to live in a LIE.
Being rude, unkind & obnoxious is unacceptable, but accepting the sin or perversion of others because we are suppose to “love” – giving them the inclination that everything is “OK” is also unacceptable.
Why? Because they stand to be condemned & will face a Holy God full of wrath on judgement day. Of course this is not popular in today’s modern churches, but it is written.

The idea that some have mentioned “let God deal with them” also makes no sense. God deals with people through the preaching of the Word of God. Our job as a Follower of JESUS is to speak the truth of God’s Word & show them THE WAY. This lazy mindset idea of “letting people figure it out on their own” & not mentioning the consequences of their sin is the work of Satan. Any person who won’t tell you about the wages of sin is death; does not truly love you, are a weak character coward or their thinking only applies to our numbered days on earth NOT eternity where it really matters.

True LOVE gently confronts what hinders freedom from sin; it is NOT a passive ignoring of it. Loving people does not mean pretending like all is well. If you love your unsaved family members & friends, tell them what the Bible says & warn them of God’s judgement which is coming one day. Some will despise you; oh well they did the same thing to JESUS. Let them know that they may be weak, but that Christ is glorified in their weakness as His grace is sufficient.