Unequally Yoked Relationships

They may be good TO you, but in the “long-run” they will NOT be good FOR you. A journey with JESUS (Kingdom/Relationship) which leads to transformation is not synonymous with a religion-base mind (Works/Rituals) which leave you in an unchanging comfort zone. Furthermore, walking in “different divine purposes” may result in a gradual declining distance down the road because it’s NOT rooted equally. Most marriages end up in divorce and most are not operating how God designed for marriage to be. Thus, there’s an emptiness and a lack of purpose fulfillment leading to a leakage of joy. Many of these would LEAVE if they could, but won’t because of children, finances, image & etc.

You CANNOT CHANGE anybody and especially after marriage. If you can’t spend the rest of your life with them as they are, this is NOT your spouse! Physical attractions are common, but a mental and spiritual connection is rare. Any RELATIONSHIP that pulls you AWAY from God and steals your JOY or PEACE is NOT of God! The Holy Spirit will warn you to “stay away”, but if you keep ignoring the nudges and the guiding peace of the Holy Spirit…soon you will justify it in your head as “OK” (when it’s not) if you’re not careful. There’s a lot of great people in this world, but it doesn’t mean they are all great for you.

Many people spend more time looking for “THE ONE” instead of working on becoming “THE ONE!” You attract what you ARE not what you want. The need to find “the one” many times is based on desperation…as if, apart from that “one”, we lack something. May God’s Spirit be poured in you deeper so you can walk by faith…knowing God Almighty has BETTER and not fear the uncertainty of being alone if you muster up the courage to leave this unequally yoked person. It doesn’t mean they are bad, but it most probably means you two will NOT be going the distance as you drag this “dead ox” each day of your life. It’s better to be alone with peace and joy than to wake-up one day once the mask comes off, when reality hits and you find yourself feeling like a loaf of bread (used up). Pray & Seek God’s will because you owe it to yourself. Make the gutsy decision to trust your Lord rather than in your loins. 

In conclusion, a single man or a single woman who refuses to align themselves under God’s Word…is a person you can live WITHOUT. A lot of single people with good ideas and good intentions don’t have right standing with THE ONE! If you are NOT on the same PAGE “spiritually” with them…it’s wise not to continue with your STORY. It’s wisdom NOT to marry a rebellious and stubborn OX. Infatuation & Loneliness will have you seeing good things that are NOT really there! RiseUp & ask God to open your EYES to SEE the true person before you jump in that broom with them! #RiseUpOutreachSingles #DontBeFooled #DontSettle #TrustGod#PeoplePutBestBehaviorInBeginning