Woman of God

WOMAN OF GOD it is admirable to see you pushing yourself rather than desiring to stay in your comfort zone. You have your challenges like all the others, but you don’t fret over the “no big deal small stuff” that causes many to live all tight and flustered. You are focused in what really matters and that makes you to be a refresher of souls. Your soul is anchored in the Great I Am and that keeps you living with contentment. You are loyal without murmuring or nagging and that makes you pleasant to those around you. You are thankful and that helps block away bitterness/complaining causing you to enjoy life better. You are flexible and that aids you in you not getting bent out of shape. You are a compromizer within reason which chips away at rebellion and stale stubbornness. You take constructive criticism well because you know being defensive doesn’t benefit you down the road. You are confident because your identity is rooted in Christ Jesus not in a feminist movement that tries to lure many into. Your voice can be heard with a calm respect because you don’t live with an insecure mindset of “I’m woman hear me roar” because God Almighty is your vindicator. You carry yourself like Miss.Universe because you know that He who created the world lives in you. You don’t worry because you know who holds your tomorrows. You walk with boldness and courage because you know your Deliverer is your defender. You put God FIRST in everything because you don’t want to “miss out” on anything He has for you. You walk in obedience because you don’t want your blessings to be delayed. You RiseUp above all the others because your inner strength is not rooted in your natural thinking, but in WHOSE YOU ARE. You don’t take life so serious and that helps you laugh freely lighting up a room. You are real because you’ve realized that being fake can be exhausting. You are confident in who Abba made you to be and thus you live with nothing to prove. You are honest and that allows you to live with nothing to hide. You can be sexy and yet live without compromising your body in a sexual relationship that’s out of order. You are a consistent example of a virtuous woman and thus many call you blessed. You forgive quickly and you do not hold any resentments because you know that carrying that poison hinders your prayers and wrinkles your soul. You are a woman of your word and that encourages people to trust you. You workout on your body and you eat with self-discipline causing you to stay fit. In conclusion, there are millions of women simply occupying space in this world, but YOU are living on-purpose making a difference because you’ve aimed high towards where your help comes from. #RiseUpOutreach #BeEncouraged